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Our Yoga Teachers

At Yogamea School of Yoga, we have a team of instructors who will lead you through the 200-hour yoga teacher training course.
Timea Vitez is our permanent teacher. During our courses, there will also be a special guest teacher.
We understand how important it is to have a good feeling with the teacher, so we always try to find a good balance between the western mentality and the eastern way of yoga, the traditional Indian way taught by our mother school in Rishikesh – Rishikesh Yog Peeth.

Let’s meet the team!

Timea Vitez (founding teacher)

Timea discovered yoga after having a serious car accident many years ago.
She is an HR – RYTT (Highly Recommended Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer), with over 10,000 teaching hours and over 25 years of Yoga life experience.
She began studying and practising on her own from an old book a friend had given her.
Discovering a great passion for Yoga, a few years later she ventured towards her first trip to India where she took part in a Yoga Teacher Training program of 200 hours at The Rishikesh Yog Peeth School
Happy with her first experience, but eager to go more in depth, she returned to Rishikesh several times over the next few years and repeated the same course experience numerous times.
She began passing on her knowledge of Yoga to friends and teaching various courses between Italy and Hungary.
She also attended the 300-hour course and specialized in Hatha Yoga as well as in Ashtanga Yoga.
Over the years she established a special relationship with the “mother school” in Rishikesh. She became a member of the team of instructors while continuing her studies.
Years later, and after a certain degree of experience, she decided to offer something similar in Europe. So in 2010, she created the name of what is now an institution and a hallmark: YOGAMEA.
YOGAMEA is derived partly from her name, Timea  (MEA) which means “my” in  Latin. – YOGAMEA……. “MY Yoga”
In Italy in the summer of 2013, together with her partner Davide Bedetti, they founded their first Yoga School institute specialised for Hatha Yoga teachers. Within a year she founded the second institute in Goa, India.  She is currently involved in the teaching of yoga anatomy, physiology, mantra chanting, meditation, yoga philosophy and asana at her institutes in Italy and India.
Timea, over the years, has developed a great strength of will and knowledge of the human body applied to Yoga.
Thanks to her great passion and patience, every class is renewed with great enthusiasm and participation by her students

Sandrina Carvalho 

Sandrina started to practice yoga in London to manage the stress of living in a big city, to help her cope with quitting smoking and as a way to ease her back pain caused by an accident in 2005.
She started practising at the local gym and really enjoyed it; she saw big improvements in her mood and her patience levels. Sandrina continued practising for a few years and when she moved to Italy, she decided that she wanted to know more about Yoga…………it’s philosophy, proper alignments and maybe to teach.
She did her 200-hour teacher training with Yogamea. She learned a lot and felt confident to start teaching.
Sandrina started teaching beginners straightaway on the beach in Riccione.  After the summer she began teaching in a gym, where she explored the more physical side of yoga with Power Yoga and later teaching Yin Yoga as a way to release mind and body……… learning how to appreciate the here and now.
Last summer Sandrina taught the retreat students in the YogaMea school in Cesenatico, where she had a wonderful experience teaching traditional Hatha, complete with asana, mantra and pranayama.
At the beginning of 2017, she completed the 500-hour RYT in Rishikesh, where she learned much more than she had hoped for.
This has been her yogic path up to now, but it’s only the beginning as Yoga is a lifelong journey with no end.

Prahlad Singh

Pralhad was born and raised in Rishikesh, the capital and the “natural mother” of Yoga, a city where everyone can experience one of the oldest, yet current, philosophies of life. Those who have the good fortune like Pralhad, to be born in this environment…… where from day one everyday life revolves around the practice of Yoga, it becomes an integral part of their lives.
Rishikesh boasts a large number of Ashram and Yoga schools, more than 200 today, in an area of 10 square kilometers.
Growing a work experience for some years in one of these schools, (Rishikesh Yog Peeth School) is considered to be among the best in the world for yoga instructors.
Pralhad Singh, after years of teaching and research, has decided for the first time to leave the boundaries of his native area to spend his first season with Yogamea School, in the south of India in Agonda Beach, Goa.
His style of teaching is methodical and dynamic, and the experience he has acquired has led him to create his own style of teaching: gentle and strong at the same time,  humble with a generous heart, giving his attentiveness to each student ….all characteristics which make him a very special person and Yoga Teacher.
RYT 200, RYT 500 – RYA USA

Prashant Shanker


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Guest book Here's what our guests say about us
  • Carolina Esmeraldo wrote:

    You must give yourself a chance to meet this family that we will never forget.

    I had such a great experience with the YOGAMEA School, teachers and the hole team.
    My boyfriend and I, we did a yoga retreat, and I really recommend this school!
    We loved the way they practice yoga, full of love, joy, truth, professionalism and most of all the way they treated the students and the people that was joining our classes everyday. We felt really special and unique, and we got to get all the postures well done. Even with 15 or more people in a class, either Bilu and Timea were always so careful and always paying attention to all our movements to make sure that with were doing the right thing. The rooms were comfortable, clean, nice and neat. The food was amazing! I felt like home…
    From the cook to the managers and teachers, the hole team, very attentive, friendly, they always received us with a smile and hug!
    You must give yourself a chance to meet this family that we will never forget.

    reviewed the 05/12/2016
  • Michael Schuller wrote:

    My Experience at Yogamea Goa was Excellent!!!

    My Experience at Yogamea Goa was Excellent!! I attended the YTTC in February and hat a great time. The goal, gaining confidence to teach beginners, was absolutely fulfilled. Giving classes back home and receiving great feedback from my first students gives me the confidence to recommend Yogamea to anyone who is looking for a YogaTeacherTraining. Davide and Timi often invited guestspeakers to give interesting talks in front of the class about yoga related topics like ayurveda and the bhagavad gita. Davide and Timi are very giving, my girlfriend who didn´t attend the course was often allowed to eat with us in the school and join the drop in classes free of charge. Bilu is an amazing yoga teacher, his classes definitely brought my asanas to the next level! Prepare yourself for intensive 4 weeks, with a lot of sweat, studying and fun.
    I can only say thank you to Yogamea and the great staff 

    reviewed the 16/03/2016
  • Marieke van Schoonhoven wrote:

    Real nice, caring and professional staff and teachers!

    Real nice, caring and professional staff + teachers. The center of Cesenatico is also very cosy and beautiful with lots of nice restaurants and is a 15 minute bike ride away and the beach is a one minute walk. You get a lot for a very friendly price. I usually never go to the same place twice for a holiday, but now I’m considering to return next year.

    reviewed the 18/08/2016
  • Jane Aston wrote:

    I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced!

    I was staying a couple of doors down from Yoga Mea in Goa for two weeks in March 2016, and decided to try out the yoga there. I’m so glad I did – I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced Prahlad Singh’s classes. I’ve been doing yoga for about 18 years, and this was some of the best teaching and the most effective adjustments I’ve encountered. It took me to a new level, and I was so sorry not to have been able to stay for longer… I’m back in the UK now and I did my regular class yesterday – I felt a new freedom and openness in my body which I am so grateful for. Thank you Yoga Mea! It’s made me think seriously about doing the YTTC in the future.

    reviewed the 04/04/2016
  • Kelly Drummond-Hay wrote:

    The staff at the accommodation were lovely!

    I just finished my yoga teacher training in Cesenatico. I cannot thank Timea and Davide for all that they did for my fellow students and I. I will admit that I did not have the greatest relationship with the guest teacher, however, the rest of the experience made up for this. With regards to the course, it is intensive, but manageable if you organise your time well. The staff at the accommodation were lovely and the school is on the beach. I intend to do more training with Yogamea school in the future. Highly recommended.

    reviewed the 20/06/2016
  • Isabella wrote:

    This course had a great impact on me …

    I have to express my sincere gratitude to:
    Narendra Singh:
    He is serious and highly professional. A very well prepared like technicaly teacher who explains patiently.
    Timea Vitez:
    She is kind, energetic and vital and encourages us to experiment and to enthuse us about our body, breath and a perception of the whole.
    Anuj Wadhwa:
    He is enthusiastic and very communicative. He is engaged and pushes us to go beyond the appearances.
    Thanks to all participants for the nice friendship.

    reviewed the 24/07/2015
  • Mathilda wrote:

    Very well organised

    I enjoyed your hospitality, the service, the personal assistance.
    The things we learned were to me very well built up, in the last week it all came together….
    The teachers:
    Narendra: very good teacher, you can hear and see he has a lot of knowledge.
    Anuj: very enthusiastic teacher anatomy and philosophy.
    Very well informed, an energetic way of teaching, with humour and patience.  I would have liked to hear something about the exams.
    Timea: Very good teacher, patient and with love for the students, very nice.
    So the course to me was really good.
    Namaste ????
    reviewed the 08/07/2015
  • Giulia wrote:

    It’s been an amazing experience, a precious opportunity!

    What was given to me first of all, is the knowledge that in small steps, day after day, it’s possible to make major changes and the enthusiasm that this process brings.
    And the teaching in detail how all this can happen.
     Narendra Singh
    in a direct and clear way is been able to provide all the elements for proper training of self and of our students,
    sweeping away many doubts and uncertainties that emerge at the beginning of a journey so important and complex.
     Anuj Wadhwa has given us the knowledge and the result of his studies and his experiences with such joy and generosity to bring out the deep desire to know and learn more and more!
     And Timea Vitez is an exceptional teacher, patient and careful, that has been able to organize this event with great care and professionalism.
     I am absolutely satisfied and grateful for this training!
    reviewed the 22/06/2015
  • Francesca wrote:

    A wonderful experience …. i was realy Lucky!

    A wonderful experience …. i was realy Lucky!
     Timea Vitez:
    Shi’s a teacher full of vitality and enthusiasm, excellent for both the  execution of all the asanas and for the professionalism and availability shown during all the lessons.
     Narendra Singh:
    Great instructor precise methodical careful and clear explanations, demonstrations and corrections posture.good teacher of life
     Anuj Wadhwa:
    Very good teacher both for philosophy and anatomy.
    Great the job of involving all students in all philosophy topics.
    Interesting and always clear the exposition of anatomy, always supported by schemas and sketches for a deep understanding of all topics.
     The organization of the course was flawless.
    reviewed the 22/05/2015