Yogamea Luxury Yoga Retreat on private island – Kura Kura Resort, Indonesia

Treat yourself to an unforgettable Yoga holiday….7 days of a super relaxing Yoga Retreat to delight your flexibility while admiring and enjoying  the whitest and most beautiful beaches in the world,

Dates and prices

From the 22nd, to the 29th of April
From the 21st, to the 28th of October 2018

€1,500 per person all inclusive:
à la carte meals
extra luxurious cottage accomodations surrounded by palm trees 15 meters from the crystal clear waters

€300 discount for the first 10 bookings

Yoga helps you develop a strong, flexible and healthy body.
It frees your mind from stress and reboots your creativity.

Yoga leads to a joyful soul and an incomparable lightness of being; there’s nothing quite like a Yoga Retreat to achieve these benefits and to help you relax.
During your stay in Yoga Retreat with us on Kura Kura island, you will be attending two daily Yoga Classes….. what you do in between Yoga Classes  is up to you.

The island is located between Java and Borneo and not yet known to mass tourism. The archipelago of Karimunjawa is a national park comprising of 27 islands that offer extraordinary natural and remote beauty.

What is included:

  • Hatha and AshtangYoga classes twice a day
  • Meditation sessions on the beach
  • Free time for local excursions and exploring
  • Refreshments, fruit and tea available
  • Transportation from and to the city of Semarang
  • 3 healthy daily meals à la carte
  • 7-night stay


  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • Hatha and Ashtanga

7 days with an instructor in English and/or Italian

Languages spoken:

English, Italian, Hungarian



We have 15 cottages all facing west, 15 metres from the beach, offering uninterrupted amazing views of the lagoon with its pristine waters. They have all just been newly renovated and transformed into luxury deluxe cottages (they measure 35 square metres each).
The waterfront Superior cottages are two units next to each other with independent access and privacy (33 square metres)

Each waterfront cottage is equipped with:

  • Air conditioning
  • mosquito nets/screens
  • Fan
  • Double bed
  • Shower
  • Minibar
  • Hair dryer
  • Safe


Hidden amongst the splendid regal palms, each one of our villas with swimming pool was designed with total respect for the surrounding uncontaminated nature, embracing the traditional Indonesian architectural style. They each have an outdoor living area where you can enjoy the modern elegance.
They are all built in natural stone, local material and with modern innovation:
Each villa has its private pool, is spacious and intimate at the same time (320, fully fenced for maximum comfort and privacy.

A  4 x 8-metre pool furnished with sunbeds and a gazebo at both ends: a luxurious lounge bed to relax on in the shade on one end, and two sunbeds on the other. The outdoor living area is equipped with a mini bar and a CD player with an MP3 connection to enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the villa.
The climate-controlled bedroom is elegantly furnished using natural materials; mosquito screens installed on all windows and a net covering the king size bed from floor to ceiling for a full view of the pool. The spacious bathroom follows the same theme and is positioned to give you discretion and relaxation. Every room is fully equipped to give you the maximum comfort, and includes a service phone.

Every private villa with  pool is equipped with:

  • Private 4×8 mt. pool
  • Gazebo
  • Comfortable teak sunbeds
  • CD player with MP3 connection
  • Minibar
  • Air conditioning
  • Mosquito nets/screens
  • Fan
  • Shower
  • King-sized bed (double room)
  • Hair dryer
  • Safe  

YOGAMEA Yoga Retreat programme

Every day, during the Yoga retreat,  there will be two Yoga classes which are a mix of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The morning Yoga Class is usually stronger, at a faster pace, concentrating on building strength, whereas in the afternoon the Yoga class will be a little slower and more soothing.

Yogamea Yoga Retreat
22 APRIL, 2018 / 21 OCTOBER, 2018
Arrival at Semarang Airport and transportation from airport to Crowne Plaza hotel

Yogamea Yoga Retreat
22-23 APRIL, 2018 / 21 – 22 OCTOBER, 2018
Accommodation at the Crowne Plaza Hotel only for the night of arrival

23 APRIL, 2018 / 22 OCTOBER, 2018

06:00 | Departure from Crowne Plaza – port of Jepara. All participants must be ready in the lobby before 06:00. The departure time could be sooner based on the traffic and the ferry schedule.
08:00 | Arrival at the port of Jepara and boarding on the public ferry
11:00 | Arrival in the port of Karimunjawa
11:15 | Departure from Karimunjawa port for Kura Kura Resort by private motorboat
11:45 | Arrival at Kura Kura Resort
12:00 | Free time at Kura Kura Resort. Enjoy your first day at Kura Kura Resort.

Yogamea Yoga Retreat
24 APRIL, 2018 / 23 OCTOBER 2018

07:30 | Herbal tea
07:45 | Pranayama and chanting
08:00 | Energizing morning Yoga class
09:30 | Breakfast
11:00 | Depart from the island of Cemara Besar. (Robinson Crusoe) Near the Kura Kura Resort, this atoll is surrounded by cliffs and white sandy beaches, shaded by casuarina pine trees which cover the island.
On the north-east side, you’ll find sandy strips with turquoise water running through them. It’s the perfect environment to enjoy snorkelling and to forget about everyday life. (this service is included)
13.00 | Lunch
17:30 | Afternoon Yoga class
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Meditation class

Yogamea Yoga Retreat 
25 APRIL, 2018 / 24 OCTOBER, 2018

07:30 | Herbal tea
07:45 | Pranayama and chanting
08:00 | Energizing morning Yoga class
09:30 | Breakfast
11:00 | FREE TIME
Participants can sunbathe at the beach on the east side or practise in our gym, or play volleyball with other guests in our private court. The snorkelling equipment is always available and free of charge at our diving centre.
For those wanting to do scuba diving, or take the certifying diving course, a course with an Italian instructor is available at a very reasonable fee.
13.00 | Lunch
17:30 | Afternoon Yoga class
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Meditation class

Yogamea Yoga Retreat
26 APRIL, 2018 / 25 OCTOBER, 2018

07:30 | Herbal tea
07:45 | Pranayama and chanting
08:00 | Energizing morning Yoga class
09:30 | Breakfast
11:00 | FREE TIME. Participants can take snorkelling excursions to Fish Paradise and Cemara Kecil.
13.00 | Lunch
17:30 | Afternoon Yoga class
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Meditation class

Yogamea Yoga Retreat 
27 APRIL, 2018 / 26 OCTOBER, 2018

07:30 | Herbal tea
07:45 | Pranayama and chanting
08:00 | Energizing morning Yoga class
09:30 | Breakfast
17:30 | Afternoon Yoga class
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Meditation class

Yogamea Yoga Retreat 
28 APRIL, 2018 / 27 OCTOBER, 2018

07:30 | Herbal tea
07:45 | Pranayama and chanting
08:00 | Energizing morning Yoga class
09:30 | Breakfast
17:30 | Afternoon Yoga class
19:00 | Dinner
20:30 | Meditation class

Yogamea Yoga Retreat 
29 APRIL, 2018 / 28 OCTOBER, 2018

10:00 | Departure from Kura Kura Resort by private motorboat
10:30 | Arrival at port of Karimunjawa
11:00 | Departure from Karimunjawa by public ferry
13:00 | Arrival at port of Jepara. Transportation by private coach to Semarang airport
15:00 | Arrival at Semarang Airport (subject to change due to traffic conditions)



Yogamea school 2013 – 2018 Rishikesh Yog Peeth Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500
Timea Vitez discovered yoga after having a serious car accident many years ago.
She started studying and practising alone from an old book that a friend had given her.

Having discovered a great passion for yoga discipline, a few years later she ventured towards her first trip to India where she attended a training programme for yoga teachers at the Rishikesh Yog Peeth school. Pleased with her first experience, but anxious to go more in depth, she returned to Rishikesh several times in the following years and repeated the same experience.

She is the co-founder of YogaMea, a school with Indian origins and headquarters in Italy and Goa, India. Timea is specialized in yoga teacher training and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance of the U.S.A., the U.K., the Indian government and the Italian CSEN, C.O.N.I. sports committee. Today, she is recognized as an HR-RYT (highly recommended registered yoga teacher).


Three healthy Yoga meals à la carte will be served to our guests every day.
Refreshments, fruit and tea are also available.

The restaurant specializes in local fish and seafood dishes: freshly caught lobster, prawns and fish, bought directly from fishermen’s boats every morning.

Our chefs are at your disposal to satisfy your individual needs and to create culinary masterpieces using the best local fresh products.

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes à la carte, ranging from a refined Mediterranean cuisine to Indonesian dishes. Guests can choose to have their meals in the intimacy of the restaurant, the outdoor restaurant, the patio or the romantic area of tables surrounding the pool.

Apart from meals, you can enjoy our fantastic drinks in different locations: at the main bar around the pool, at the new Blue Bar at the end of the Eastern Beach, where you can enjoy your favourite drink in the shade of a palm tree or on the comfortable waterfront double beds, or at the splendid Sunset Lounge located on the west side, where you can sip on a cocktail while admiring the island’s spectacular sunsets.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Catering for special dietary requirements:

  • Vegetarian
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Hallal
  • Fruitarian
  • Ayurvedic

If you have special dietary requirements, it’s a good idea to let the organizer know when you book.

Things to do (optional)


After the Yoga classes ..
Let yourself go on one of the paradisiacal islands for a day… coconut trees, white sandy beaches… put it all together with lunch, cold drinks and some snorkelling equipment.


Scuba diving and snorkelling

Every day we organise scuba diving and snorkelling at the best coral reefs around the island of Karimunjawa. The locations are suitable for all levels of diving and snorkelling. Scuba diving courses and trial dives available every day.


Island Cruise

On request, we organise cruises to paradisiacal islands, docking for lunch and snorkelling in some of the best coral reefs in the marine park. Dolphins swimming alongside cruise boats is a common sight. Private charter flights are also available.

Free activities

Kayaking, pedalo boats and snorkelling equipment are available free of charge, as are the daily trips to the splendid island of Robinson Crusoe. All the optional activities mentioned above are available at an extra cost.

What is included:

  • Transportation from Semarang Airport to the Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Accommodation for one night at the Crowne Plaza 4 star hotel
  • Private coach from the Crowne Plaza hotel to the port of Jepara (2 hours)
  • Public ferry from the port of Jepara to Karimunjawa (2 hours)
  • Private motorboat from Karimunjawa to Kura Kura Resort (20 min)
  • 6 nights all meals included in beach cottage at the Kura Kura Resort
  • Hatha Ashtanga yoga classes twice a day
  • meditation session once a day
  • Yogic philosophy, lifestyle and ethics (optional)
  • three à la carte meals per day with refreshments
  • Free time for local excursions
  • Transportation in private motorboat for departure from Kura Kura Resort to Karimunjawa (20 min)
  • Transportation by public ferry from Karimunjawa to the port of Jepara (2 hours)
  • Transportation by private coach from the port of Jepara to the airport of Semarang (2 hours)

What is not included:

  • International flight
  • Extra drinks with meals
  • Tour options

How to get here:

Arrival by flight

Please book your flight for: Ahmad Yani International Airport, serving Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.
At your arrival,  you’ll find a YOGAMEA representative who will take you directly to the hotel.

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