A common opinion today is that yoga is mainly for women. However, once a man understands the benefits of practicing yoga, he may realise that it is an invaluable tool for both genders.

Yoga is a practice that involves the full body and mind. This applies to all bodies, not just female bodies. During the practice of some sports (a common one being bodybuilding-style weight lifting), we activate only certain parts of the body, whereas practicing yoga includes all muscles, joints and organs, making it an extremely well-rounded exercise.

Not convinced? Here are 6 reasons to practice yoga as a man.

1. Injury Prevention

Men experience various pains and injuries, whether it’s due to intense sports or sitting for hours at a desk.

Yoga can help to prevent injuries in many ways. It improves the flexibility of the muscles, thus increasing their degree of mobility, making them less likely to tear and better at protecting the bones. At the same time it improves the durability of the joint by strengthening the muscular connective tissue.

Yoga also provides you with better body awareness so you can recognise subtle signs, such as poor posture, and correct it quickly before it turns into a bigger problem.

2. Improves Sex Life

Yes, yoga enhances libido.

A study published in 2010 in the journal ‘Sexual Medicine’ says that yoga enhances all sexual functions in a man, including desire, performance, erection and control of ejaculation.

Furthermore, since yoga increases body awareness, it reduces tension and increases blood flow to the genital area. At the same time, it helps the body get rid of toxins that affect sexual activity.

By engaging your pelvis through yoga practice- “Mula Bandha”- it increases sexual experience. Improved pelvic control can result in longer orgasm and orgasm without ejaculation. Some poses are particularly beneficial, such as eagle pose which “sends” fresh oxygen to the reproductive organs!

3. Muscle Tension

If you think that weight lifting is the only way to obtain muscles, think again. Yoga uses natural body weight and resistance to achieve buildup of muscle mass.

Yoga prolongs muscle and tissue, which improves blood flow. Better blood flow means more oxygen for muscles, which helps them recover faster and feel less stiff after training. This makes yoga a perfect complement to whatever other sport you also enjoy.

4. Better Focus

Yoga does not only help men in the bedroom and gym but also increases productivity at work.

Research has shown that after 20 minutes of yoga training, people improve their memory and self-control, which allows them to maintain their attention, remember information, make reliable business decisions and have more energy. This differs from other physical exercises where we tend to feel like we have lost energy afterwards.

Meditation, as one of the aspects of yoga, also helps to maintain the attention

5. Improves the Immune System

Yoga can be the best medicine for influenza or any other virus. According to a research from the magazine “PLosOne”, regular yoga training improves the immune system at the cellular level. Researchers have found that yoga causes faster gene changes, which improves the body’s defence system.

6. Reduces Health Costs

Many men do not like to go to a doctor or go through health procedures… nobody likes it, do they?

Regular yoga may reduce the need for additional visits to doctors.

Stress is the root cause of so many illnesses today. Research has shown that participating in activities that reduce stress, such as meditation and yoga, can reduce the need for health services by 43%.

In addition to reducing stress, yoga improves blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption.

7. A Challenge for You

Climbing, marathon or mastering some other new skill are the challenges that raise adrenaline.

Whether you are trying to master a new pose, learn a new style of yoga, or just concentrate on a hard day, yoga surely gives you new challenges, both physically and mentally.

Yoga is not just for women, men can experience huge benefits too.

Maybe it’s time to be brave and start yoga!


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