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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training


Bookable together with a 200-hour course



RYT 200 Hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course in Italy – Misano Adriatico


RYS 500 YogaMea school offer in Italy the RYT USA 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Italy
To secure your accommodation during the course, we require you to pay an advance deposit. Payment guarantees your reservation and enrolment and is non-refundable.


(All Teacher Training courses end on Saturday at 6 pm.  Departure is on Sunday at the end of the course.)


The course is based on ancient Hatha Yoga techniques. The instructors are fully qualified and equipped to provide the insights needed to teach what will be beneficial to future Yoga Teachers when instructing their own students. Yoga Teacher Training will not only enrich your learning/teaching experience but also your personal life, as the benefits of yoga to mind, body and spirit are extremely positive.

Yogamea delivers its Yoga Teacher training course  to promote Hatha yoga and yoga philosophy. With the support of Mother school in Rishikesh, India – the “birthplace of yoga”, Yogamea seeks to maintain the flavor and the experience of a traditional Hatha yoga practice, with teachers joining us from Rishikesh where and when possible. The program will be the same as that held at Rishikesh Mother School, where classes will include philosophy, anatomy and meditation alongside yoga asanas.

This is an intensive yoga teacher training course taught by yoga teachers who are firmly rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in their vision and communication. The Yogamea 200-hour Teacher Training Course in Italy is conducted as a residential course to bring you the full experience of yoga and its true meaning.

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Security deposit for the Yoga Italia Misano teacher training course


Sunday April 28 – Sunday May 25, Sunday 02 June – Sunday 29 June, Sunday July 07 – Sunday August 03, Sunday 22 September – Sunday 19 October


Economy Single Room (8 Square Meters), Shared Economy Room (Max 3 people), 2 people in an Economy double room, Superior double room for single use, 2 people in a Superior double room

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