We offer various solution to become a Yoga Master and be able to realize your dream; RYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Italy, is one of the best where Yogamea operates on the Adriatic beaches, located in Misano Adriatico
Or you can choose the banks of the famous Danube river in Budapest (Hungary) and last but in Rishikesh in India (Yoga Teacher Training India ), homeland and capital of Yoga.

All of our Centers are managed by the same team of highly qualified yoga teachers and directed by the founder of Yogamea: Timea Vitez – ®RYT500 USA ®YACEP

You will be able to choose from a number of different options on offer to meet your own personal needs and choose your favorite location from one of the three locations mentioned above.

Yogamea offers a complete training program to those students seeking a spiritual or transformative setting based on the original Indian traditions.

The YogaMea school practical and theoretical daily training sessions are specially designed and perfected through specific yoga techniques, helping our yoga practicing guests to master their spiritual energy, providing them with all the necessary tools useful for self improvement.

The surrounding environment, the daily menu and the yoga practices carried out daily, come together to form the perfect experience to create a realistic yoga lifestyle.

The Yogamea school guarantees all theoretical and practical aspects of yoga, and a perfect Hatha and Ashtanga RYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Italy

Come and study with Yogamea at our centre placed to the Adriatic beaches. You will find yourself in the perfect space for your personal growth.
Certainly we can’t say that the experience is the same even though under taking the same study program, headed by the same team of teachers, the difference is only geographical. But apart from the program, it is clear that there is a substantial difference in terms of services, hygiene and natural adaption to the environment, less invasive… some of which many of the guests must become accustomed to.


The RYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Italy, is a grand commitment that will immerse you completely and utterly over 8 weeks that are entirely dedicated to personal growth, accumulating a true treasure of information, also taking a great break from the surrounding world.
On this particular course, students have the opportunity to follow two different paths of full training in only one period. – training 200 hours, plus 300 hours. Two months of study and sharing.  There will be a short break between the first course and the second course to allow students to relax and get ready for the second phase of 300 hours.

At the end of this 500 hour course, distributed over 8 weeks; those who complete both tests successfully, will be awarded the RYT 500H USA which gives you the opportunity to open your own school of yoga.

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