Yoga for man

An outspoken opinion in our society is that yoga is only for women or mainly for women.

Once a man understands the benefits of practicing yoga, he realizes that yoga is excellent for the male world.

To begin with, practicing yoga is the activity of the entire body, and this does not only apply to female bodies, but to all bodies.

During the practice of some sports, we activate only some parts of the body, while practicing yoga almost all muscles, joints and organs.

Yoga affects the complete activation of the whole body.

By practicing yoga we bring oxygen to the blood, and we create more energy during the afternoon, as opposed to practicing other activities when we mostly feel like we have lost energy.

Yoga is ideal to avoid or disappear stiffness acquired by practicing some sports disciplines.

Did you know that Yoga also helps in some intimate matters ? For example, the eagle’s pose “sends” fresh oxygen to the full organs.

For triangular triangles, it affects the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, and that is the position in which every muscle, body and ankle is engaged in the body.

It is known that regular practice of yoga can reduce stress.

The combination of the mind during yoga helps to recognize the tension that we have in the body or mind, and that this tension is reduced and released by the combination of breathing and yoga postures.

Since men have a higher level of stress than women, they can certainly benefit from practicing yoga.

Here are some of the benefits that can be accomplished by practicing yoga:

Men often feel pain in the lower part of the back, and yoga practice can be reduced and mitigated by this pain.

Yoga training can lower blood pressure.

Also, as stress is reduced, a person gets more room for better and clearer reasoning and, therefore, faces problems more easily.

It breathes more properly, balances it better, it is firmer … Deep, light breathing affects the reduction of fear of performance, at a better concentration.

Yoga helps you get used to breathe more properly.

By practicing yoga, the strength of muscle bone increases.

Slow, directed movements require a strong central part, a “center core” of the body or a KOR.

The flexibility and diversity of the movement is increased.

Yoga includes stable positions that are ideal for athletes.

While in position, muscles grow more and become more elastic, and tension in the muscles decreases.

Equilibrium exercises are often overlooked by athletes, but they are very important to balance the muscles of the left and right, because in certain sports some people use less and some more.

By including yoga in everyday training of athletes, it is possible for the muscles to relax, to reduce the possibility of injury, to balance the unbalanced … and to avoid the usual daily routine of regular training.

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