What people lack the most nowadays is time, everyone is in a rush and has a million things to do everyday and becomes ever so difficult to dedicate the desired time to the practice of Yoga. Many of us can only manage once a week, or maybe twice a week but with difficulty. Gradually as we explore the world of Yoga in more depth we come to realize that it requires a certain amount of time to be fully appreciated.

If ​doing yoga every day with our teacher is not feasible, then practising at home is an alternative even if less captivating. The trick is to manage your time so as to allott 15 minutes every day to practise…….perhaps by postponing watching your favorite TV series. Prioritizing is essential if your time is limited.

Have you managed to put aside 15 minutes to practise yoga – in the morning before breakfast maybe? Now you can practise the asanas (postures), pranayamas and meditation exercises which you learned during the course, perhaps spending more time on each asana to achieve the pose with less effort. Don’t forget to turn attention towards your inner self, freeing your mind of resolutions, objectives and cravings which tend to enslave us – strive to become non-judgmental observers, which in ​yoga is called “Drashta”.

Asanas ​will contribute to achieving a toned body, but it is the mental aspect which really counts in yoga and which requires concentration and perseverance…..only in this way, and through time, will those who practise yoga possess a “secret weapon” to effectively tackle everyday life with awareness and self-confidence.

Yogamea – Yoga School

The 3 main benefits of yoga
Besides achieving awareness and self-confidence, ​doing yoga offers a number of other benefits. Let’s look at the 3 main points which are the driving factors to actually find the time to attend a ​yoga school.

Body detox: asanas are carried out in coordination with breathing, allowing our internal organs to be massaged thus eliminating toxins.
Limit anxiety and depression: practicing yoga teaches us to manage our emotional field and to overcome subconscious fear which can generate anxiety and depression.
Helps to control weight and stop smoking: yoga allows us to control our mind to achieve complex goals such as weight loss or to stop smoking.
Daily yoga practice ​brings a myriad of benefits, such as curing insomnia, support in problem solving, slowing down the aging process, improving flexibility, balance and concentration, etc.

Learn yoga with Yogamea
Yogamea yoga school ​organizes yoga retreats, intensive weeks and training courses for teachers. We specialize in Hatha Yoga, the foundation for all other yoga interpretations according to the most ancient texts. Attending a ​Yogamea yoga course ​does not only mean learning ​Asanas ​but also understanding how to be more flexible, self-confident and resilient thanks to ​Pranayama and Pawanmuktakasana.

Treat yourself. Find out how to ​become a yoga teacher with Yogamea ​ by taking a look at our full course outline ​here. ​ ​Our courses will provide you with a deep knowledge of yoga and its practices, from beginners to the advanced level, alternating between theory and practical exercises for a simple and systematic learning experience.

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